Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our week in review

We’re finally getting used to our back to schedule after being off for Christmas.  Here’s what we’re up to..

  • Joe is back playing basketball at the YMCA with his neighbor/friend Logan.
  • Hannah and Rachel took a duck tape class at the Library.  They came home with wallets, bookmarks and begging me to take them to Hobby Lobby to buy duck tape.
  • I spent a day painting a bedroom at my mom’s new house.


DSC04403Gotta love catching him reading without being told to.  DSC04406

The boys got a new game for Christmas called Zingo.  Thanks for the recommendation Rhonda, they love it!  Ben really struggles when he doesn’t win but we’re working on it.  As you can see there are Nerf bullets covering my floors lately.  Joe got a few new guns for Christmas and he and Matt have been having Nerf gun wars in the evenings. 

We’re really enjoying the slower pace right now without having the girls in any sports. Our evenings are much more calm and relaxed.


I wanted to share this video because it’s a very powerful message packed into two minutes.  I’m still a newbie at all this bloggy stuff so if you can’t view it from the email you can go to my blog here to view it. 


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