Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes…..

This weekend we had our first opportunity to talk with Joe about protecting his mind and heart from things that he sees.  Last week Matt was at our neighbors house with Joe and noticed the latest copy of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition laying on a table in the basement.  He came home and let me know and we have been talking about how we were going to handle this.  Joe’s friend  is a great kid and a wonderful friend to Joe, BUT we don’t believe his parents are Christians and they allow him to watch movies and play video games that we would not allow our kids.  They have been very respectful of our values and always call to see if we think a movie/game is appropriate for Joe and there have been times we’ve had to say no. Gulp.  Joe spent the afternoon on Sunday at his friends house.  With much encouragement from myself Matt sat down to talk with Joe to see if he’s ever seen a picture/magazine/website that made him feel uncomfortable.  Joe answered, “Yes, today.”  (and this is where my heart stops beating and all I can see is my perfect, tiny, 6lb 11oz, innocent baby boy sleeping in my arms)  He went on to say that his friend and cousin were looking at a magazine with a bunch of women in swimsuits and that he did not look at it and told on the two boys. Whew!!   This led to a really great discussion between a boy and his dad.

  1. Matt explained why boys/men need to protect their hearts and mind from those kinds of images. And how wrong it is to disrespect women by looking at them in that way. 
  2. How BRAVE he was for standing up for what was right! 
  3. This was an excellent lesson in how the Holy Spirit works in our lives.  We had not talked to Joe previously about looking at pictures or magazines, he’s only 10 years old!  We told him because Jesus lives in him the Holy Spirit nudged him to let him know that’s not something God would want him looking at.  How amazing it was that Joe listened and obeyed! Not because mom and dad told him not to but because he felt that nudge from God. 

Just Sunday morning I had to tell Joe that he couldn’t download a certain game for his iPod due to the violent nature of the game.  I explained to him how viewing those images over and over again cause us to see life as something not to value and it’s no big deal to see someone shot, blown up or decapitated.  I told him about the school shooting in Ohio and how that boy didn’t see the value in the lives that he took.   It all starts with a look.  Whether it’s violence or nudity, these boys are being bombarded with images that will be etched in their hearts forever.  May God protect our boys and may he continue to give us as parents the opportunities to put truth into their hearts!!