Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Weekly Five

I know, I know.  I’m not doing very well keeping up with this blog thing.  I enjoy keeping you all updated on our everyday lives and I know someday I’ll be glad I can go back myself so I’m going to try something new.  Insert “The Weekly Five”.  I’m going to try to  each week write about five things that happened during the week that will give you a peek into what we’re up to. 

This week’s Five

  1. IMG_0913First I thought I’d share how Joe spends the first 20-30 minutes of each morning.  Yep, that’s Joe under that blanket, along with the heat register. (and yes his cereal bowl, *sigh*) It pretty much takes me threatening to take away everything he enjoys in life to get him out from under that blanket.  I don’t get too upset at him, I’d be there too if I had a choice. I love that kid. 
  2.  IMG_0915 Hannah is learning about earthquakes and volcanoes in science so she shared a Powerpoint with us on volcanoes.  Yep, that’s Rachel with her bunny in the background. It’s just all part of the slightly controlled chaos here each day. Later that day I had to tell her to get the rabbit off the table during school, pretty sure no teacher has had to say that, ever.

3.  IMG_0910I’ve started reading the Magic Tree House books with Ben to try to get him interested in chapter books.  Even though he fights me every day to sit and listen, about 2 pages in he gets hooked into the story.  This week we read Mummies in the Morning.  He liked it so much that he wanted to “do a movie” about it.  Matt was Jack, Rachel was Annie and of course Ben was the mummy. 


4.  IMG_1584Hannah took a photography class last semester at The Learning Community (TLC) and really liked it.  This week she and Rachel went outside and Hannah took TONS of pictures.  She started her own album on Facebook if you want to see more of her pictures.  Rachel was the subject of most of her sessions.  Even though I had to delete over 500 pictures I’m glad they found something to do together.

5.  I “caught” Ben reading a book to Jacob this week and though this was a cute shot of them.  Ben really liked watching Charlie Brown Christmas over break and I found some Peanuts books at the library.  He was very excited to read them.  IMG_0908

We didn’t do anything too exciting this week but we spent lots of time together and hopefully made some good memories. 

Hannah wrote this on the board and then took a picture of it.  It makes me smile.