Wednesday, December 1, 2010

T is for Thanksgiving and a Tooth

Ben lost his first front tooth this week!  Which was totally appropriate for our Letter T week.  We also got ready for Thanksgiving!  Ben was so excited that “all the Bonenfant’s” were coming.  I had so much more planned than we actually did.  We did at least read some books about the Pilgrims and Indians.  I was glad that by the end of the week he could at least tell me why we celebrate Thanksgiving and how it all started. 


DSC02650  DSC02655

Ben loves starting out the week putting the letter on the chicka chicka boom boom tree.  On the right, a little adding practice. 



Jacob got in on the action.  Both boys really struggle with handwriting.  I found these great printable that I laminated so they can reuse them over and over.









Finally Thanksgiving was here!  We had a wonderful day with family. And of course a ton of good food!