Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We're snowed in here in Kalamazoo so it's given me some time to get caught up in some areas I've been slacking in, like this blog for instance.  I always have great ideas of things I'd like to write about but writing them in my head doesn't take up near as much time as typing them out.  Of course there's also the excuse that every time I sit down to the computer a child "needs" to use the computer, or needs a snack, or a drink, or.....the list could go on forever.  At this moment however, the stars are aligned and all children are engaged in their own activity aka "screen time" and I have twenty minutes before the "Mom, can I's" start up again.

Once again, Christmas went way too fast this year.  Of course having one less week before Thanksgiving and Christmas totally wrecked me.  What a difference 7 days make!  Ben was especially difficult this year which added to the already stressful month.  For some reason this year he struggled a lot with the transition.  It made him crazy that all the decorations weren't put up in the time he thought they should be and he was very anxious about what presents he was getting from who.   Finally about 3 days before Christmas, after he had gotten two of the gifts he'd really wanted from grandparents, he calmed down and seemed less intense. We enjoyed a very nice, quiet Christmas together.  It was very relaxing and we really enjoyed spending time together.

As a family we're very excited about our new membership to the YMCA that we received as a family gift.  We've been able to go to open swim times and  take advantage of the exercise equipment.  We're very excited to be able to have somewhere we can go together as a family.  It's getting harder to find activities to do as a whole family with a 15 and 7 year old.

Some of the fun things we did over break

  • Lots of movies - both in the theater and at home.  Our favorite was Frozen
  • Game nights - New favorite game is 5 Second Rule and this is one we can all play.
  • Joe went to his first Air Soft war.  A family from church has a ton of property and hosted the middle and high school youth group.  He had so much fun and is eager to start a collection of guns.  
  • Lots of sleepovers.  So many that we've declared January as a non-sleepover month.  

We started back to school this week despite the snow and school closings.  We took off the month of December so we needed to get back to work.  It's been nice to not have to go anywhere and ease back into a daily routine.  As much as the kids grumble and complain about schoolwork I think they are getting bored and need the structure.

I hope you had wonderful Christmas!