Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Good Start

I cannot believe how fast the past 6 weeks have flown by!  We are six weeks into the school year and fall is officially here.  We are trying something new this year with our homeschool schedule. I am moving towards a year round school schedule so we are doing 6 weeks on and one week off, 3 weeks for Christmas and a shorter summer break.  This coming week is our first week off. Yay!!  I think this will be a good thing for my sanity and also for the kids.  It worked out perfectly that our first break landed on the week Matt would be working at the Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville.  Rachel and Joe went with him to work and enjoy the festival.  Hannah, Ben, Jacob and I stayed behind and I have a loooonngg list of things to do while they’re gone.  One being a long overdue blog update.

I’m pretty sure I am the only mom on the planet that didn’t take pictures of my kids the first day, week or month of school.  Yep, mom failure. Sorry grandma’s!  Even without the picture they still started school six weeks ago. 

  • Hannah is back at HCA for High School.  Yes, it’s as hard to type it as to say it.  She eased right back in as if she’d never left.  She is happy to be back but not thrilled about the homework, to which Rachel loves to remind her that SHE doesn’t have any. 
  • Rachel is in 8th grade this year and is staying home again this year.  She is still volunteering at True Vine Equestrian Center and is sure she has found her calling.  She is taking a class at KAT (Kazoo Area Tutors) and really enjoys the teacher.
  • Joe is in 6th grade and moved up to Middle School.  He is very excited to be part of the youth group at church.  He’s playing on the Homeschool Soccer team and is having a lot of fun.  He chose not to play football again, he said it was too hard to run in the pads but we’re pretty sure he wasn’t fond of seeing kids larger than him charging towards him with their only goal to be to knock him on his behind.  Just our personal opinion.
  • Ben is in 3rd grade and has had a great start to the year.  He has actually been the easiest to work with.  He was ready for a routine again and is doing well.
  • Jacob is in 1st grade and can be found hiding underneath the dining room table whenever he hears the word school.  We are focusing on three things this year. Reading, Math and Handwriting and we rotate those three ALL DAY LONG.  He is improving but some days I’m tempted to just teach him how to type.

IMG_4779Ben and Jacob are completely obsessed with all things Star Wars right now.  Joe was excited about this until his brothers started playing with HIS Star Wars stuff.IMG_4781

Meet Smore’s.  Rachel wanted another bunny so she searched and searched online until she found this furball.  She is super soft, loves to cuddle, and help her with schoolwork. Ahem.


This is an igloo project gone bad. Ben and Jacob made igloos but then decided to invite their Angry Birds, pigs and Star Wars guys to take up residence.  Does that still count as “educational”?



Yes this is my Hannah’s silly cat.  She finds the strangest places to sleep.  She loves to sit on my printer while I’m on the computer and one day I went to grab a towel out of my bathroom closet and found her up on the shelf.  I love the way she looks at me like “What? I’m just sleepin”  She makes me smile and there are some days I need a smile wherever  I can get it. I love her. She makes me happy, happy, happy. Smile




I hope your school year/Fall is off to a good start!

And yes, I just realized I forgot to take my kids pictures but I have 4 of the cat. FAIL.