Friday, January 20, 2012

Mission Organization


Once Upon A time

I thought Facebook was the ultimate place to waste time…Then I was introduced to Pinterest Logo

Have you been on Pinterest yet?  It is my new addiction!  It is basically an online notebook of all the great ideas you find online.  It stores them by category/picture and links them back to the website where you found it.  You can also look at what others have pinned from around the web and pin them onto your boards.  Now my favorites tab won’t be so long. One of my favorite categories is Organization.  No need to hire a professional organizer when you can just look at others cool ideas and copy them!  I stumbled across the blog below and was mesmerized by her site.  I’m sure I spent at least an hour looking at all of her great ideas.  I finally stopped drooling and started planning.  Armed with a list I headed to Target.  First room to tackle, the kitchen.  I thought you might be able to use some of the ideas. 


When my mom and Art were staying with us he built me this wonderful pantry. I’ve always wanted a pantry like this.  I found printable labels here and went a little crazy.  I love having all of my baking ingredients together in large containers.  I put all of the kids snacks in the green baskets so it’s easy to make lunches.  On the top shelf I used the little totes for cookie cutters, sprinkles, and the third one for all the misc. baking supplies that needed a home.  Next I moved to the fridge.  For a family of seven we have a very small fridge.  I didn’t really see how I could make any more space than what was there.  But I was wrong!!!  Of course had ideas for organizing your fridge.  The one thing that made the biggest difference was a sandwich tote.  DSC04409A place for all of our sandwich meats and cheeses.  This freed up a whole bunch of space in the drawer (below).  It literally used to be overflowing.  This also makes making lunches easier because everything you need is in one spot.  I also moved the shelves around to make the best use out of the space.  I promise I don’t yell at my kids if they don’t put stuff back where I want it. I just put it back where it goes and enjoy my organized fridge.  I also found some great fruit and veggie storage containers at TJ Maxx for a good price.  DSC04408An added bonus is that the lids match my kitchen. Yay!  Next project, the bathrooms.  If you haven’t been on Pinterest go check it out but wait until you have a good hour to waste cause once you start it’s hard to get up! 

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