Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome Back Winter

We knew it would happen.    Of course the snow isn’t going to stop coming in February. The warmer weather and break from the snow was wonderful.   With the colder weather and snow came the colds.  We had been sick free since Thanksgiving!  Then I jinxed it.  I said out loud that “the kids haven’t been sick since before Thanksgiving”.  I should know better.  Within 24 hours Jacob started sniffling, then coughing.  Only Rachel has managed to escape.  I really can’t complain.  It was only a few years ago I was ready to set up a tent in the pediatricians parking lot because I felt like we spent more time there than healthy at home.  Now we are rarely at the doctors anymore.   A few stuffy noses don’t really seem too big of a deal.   


I love this picture.  I had walked into the kitchen and found Joe helping Jacob put on all his snow gear. (without being told to)  I love catching the older kids helping, playing with or sharing a special moment with their younger brothers.  Joseph struggles sometimes to understand why his brothers aren’t  “normal” or why they “don’t play right”.  I try to encourage him by reminding him that he was hand picked by God to be their big brother and that every time he spends time with, or helps them he is building up treasures in heaven.  So when I walk into a situation like this it makes me so happy to see Joe storing up his treasures in heaven. 


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