Monday, October 18, 2010

P is for….

Lots of things this week.  First it’s for Potty!  Jacob is officially potty trained!!  It was one week of constant laundry and then it clicked.  He is so proud of himself and got to go pick out new underwear. (Thomas, because they don’t have Mario underwear) 


Next it’s for Playing in the leaves!  Be sure to click on the picture so you can see their faces better. I love Ben’s face. They had so much fun playing.  We made a fall tree craft.  Which turned out to be one of my favorites.

Bproject Ben drew pictures of boys jumping into the “leaf piles” he made on the “ground”.

This is what Jacob did during “Art”.  He wasn’t at all interested in gluing leaves.  I just let him be.  jswing

P is also for Pumpkins!  We are doing everything pumpkins this week.  I made a sensory bin for them to play around in which they loved.  It was great to see where their imaginations took them with this. 







Pics from our “school day”

beanbagJ schoolwork jpumpkins

Joseph loves reading to Jacob at night and then falling asleep next to him.  reading 




Ben was having a hard time at OT and wanted to get in the “net swing with all the heavy things”.  He had about 60 pounds of weight on him.  I rarely see him this calm.  It made him feel much better.

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