Friday, October 8, 2010

Sharing is not always a good thing…

The past week we have been passing around a stomach bug.  It started with Joe last Tuesday, Ben on Thursday, Jacob on Saturday, Ben again on Monday, Rachel on Wednesday then Hannah finally got it on Thursday.  Luckily it was only an 18-24 hr. bug but it was enough to totally mess up my school plans.  So, hopefully everyone had their turn and life will return to normal. Whatever normal is…

Ben got to spend a lot of time on his favorite new website called Zoodles.  It is a website that has a ton of educational websites together on one site.  DSC02333

Here is Ben doing what he loves the most,  playing the computer. 



Matt is taking some time off again and going to Indiana to work at the store for the Covered Bridge Festival.  Hannah, Joe and Ben tagged along while Rachel and Jacob stayed home with me.  Rachel has volleyball games and Jacob has school.  I’m going to use the time to revamp some of my school plans.  I feel like I should kick it up a notch for him.  Some of the unit studies I had planned for him seem too easy so I just need to gather all my thoughts and ideas and get it all together. 

Here are some photos from our week….

DSC02327            Matt playing football with Joe and Logan (neighbor)DSC02349 Shelby and Fifi taking over my chairs

DSC02330                        Hannah’s 12th birthday!

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