Monday, September 27, 2010

Week Two

This week our letter of the week was R for Rainbow.  This tied in so well with our Bible lesson about Noah and the Ark.  We made a beautiful rainbow mosaic and Ben painted a rainbow.  We made a Noah’s Ark Lapbook which was so much fun.  I am loving the Lapbooks that we are doing.  It is a great way for Ben to retell what he’s learned throughout the week and assures me that we are making progress.  We also DSC02216

reviewed the seasons just to make sure he knew them.  Ben made a Book of Seasons that turned out super cute.

     I started Bible Study this week at church.  It’s every Tuesday morning and I was so nervous about how Ben would do for 2 hours in his classroom.  He did wonderful!  This is going to count for his “social” time and there are 3 boys his age that are also in his class.  They played hide & seek, duck duck goose and Little People.  This make me feel so good that he is getting time with other boys his age while I get a break and get some social time of my own. 

This week we also

  • learned to count by 10’s to 200
  • Reviewed what clothes we wear during which season
  • Adding 1’s
  • A sentence begins with a capital and ends with a period.
  • Lots of fine motor skills activities

DSC02243      DSC02247


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