Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to School

DSC02199 Hannah, Rachel and Joe are back in full swing at Heritage.  The girls love their teachers.  Joe says he likes his teacher but overall isn’t too thrilled to be hitting the books again.  This year begins the real craziness.  Matt always comments on how busy we’ve been the last 12 years. Ha!  I just keep telling him to wait.  Well, it’s here.  We now know busyness.  We’ve always been busy at home but now it’s busy with life on the outside.  I personally love it (for now).  It gives me more purpose.  Yes, I know my life has always had purpose but it just feels different.  Rachel started Jr. High Volleyball.  She has practice after school and then games 2 nights a week.  I love going to her games!  I love sitting in the stands with the parents of her friends. It is a huge help that Hannah is able to stay home with Ben and Jacob.  The games would be a sensory nightmare for both of them.  So, Hannah stays home on Tuesdays so I can go to the game and then Matt and Hannah go to the games on Thursdays.  So far Rachel’s team is 2-1.  Joseph is playing flag football this fall.  His first game he caught the ball and ran 40 yards.  The next play his team scored a touchdown.  He was pretty excited.  I told him his Uncle Jason would be proud.  Hannah is taking flute lessons and started youth group, which she loves.  Jacob is doing really well in his class.  I am working with him in the afternoons with Ben when I can. 


              Rachel’s first game…I was so nervous for her!



I forgot to take a first day of school picture of Jacob.  Here he is getting off the bus.  As always with Mario in hand.  He has the best bus driver, Patty, who was also Ben’s driver.  Everyday he asks “where is my best friend Ben?”

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