Monday, September 27, 2010

A is for Apple/ week 3

This week was all about Apples.  I have to tell you, Ben is making this homeschool thing very easy for me.  He comes right down every morning and is ready to head to the schoolroom to get started.  He’d skip breakfast if I’d let him.  He does have sometimes where he gets frustrated so we take a break and come back to it later. He has the most trouble with language but most of that has to do with his dislike for handwriting.  So we compromise and I don’t make him do all of the writing on a worksheet as long as he can tell me the correct answer so I know he is getting it.  I had a lot of exciting things planned for this week but not enough time for them.  So we didn’t get through everything I had planned but it wasn’t a total loss of a week. 

This week Ben,

  • Learned to count by 10’s to 200
  • Made a StArt project (Story + Art) with the book Ten Apples Up On Top      
  • Learned about Adam and Eve and how important it is that we always obey God
  • Worked on telling time
  • Memorized his address and phone number

The highlight of the week was Tuesday morning Bible study.  Ben is loving his new friends and playing games with them.  When we were leaving he said “I love my new class and my new friends”.

 DSC02233 DSC02244

    Ben playing an addition game.            StArt project

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