Wednesday, January 26, 2011

L is for Ladybug

This was my first week having both boys at home in the mornings.  Jacob started in the PreK class at school so he is now going in the afternoons.  So I’m now working with both boys.  It is more fun with two but much more challenging.  Ben is  more interested in Jacobs’ work than his own and Jacob can’t still for more than 2 seconds.  I think they enjoy having each other but I need to be more creative in how to work with both boys without pulling my hair out. 




I taught them the song “This little light of mine” (to go along with our L theme) 


DSC02930 DSC02931






We worked on

  • Life stages of a lady bug
  • Information about insects.  They were so NOT interested in what I had to tell them about insects.  I did get them to sit and listen to some books. 
  • Ben’s still working on addition facts, telling time and special sounds
  • Jacob focused on the number 1, letter L and color yellow

The highlight of the week was a play date with their cousin Isaac.  They played with trains and then spent over two hours playing “Beach Day”.  They  found the swimsuits, and beach towels, then took turns jumping into the “water”.  It was great to see how well they played together and used their imaginations. DSC02925

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