Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Resolutions/Goals

Last year I made one New Year’s Resolution.  No fast food.  In 2009 I kept track of all our spending using Quicken.  We had spent over $300 just at McDonalds!  So, I figured that if we skipped the fast food we’d be richer and most likely healthier in 2010.  We made it until December when we caved on our way to Rockville for Christmas.  I still consider it a resolution success. Truthfully, it tasted totally yuck after not having it for so long.  Of course we are not really richer because the money was spent somewhere else but we did learn that we could live without something we thought we couldn’t and we are all still alive!!  Success!

This year I decided that I am due for a makeover.  While I’d love to get rid of my stretch marks, wrinkles and the veins in my legs, what I really need is an internal makeover.  I feel like for the past 10-15 years I’ve struggled with the same issues/strongholds and it’s time to break free.    I’ve also determined that to be the best mom I can be for my kiddos especially my two with special needs, this mom needs to be able to keep it together.  Physically and Emotionally.  First on my “to tackle” list is to get my priorities straight.  God says, Him first, my husband second, kids then me.  So here are my goals for this year. 

  1. Grow Spiritually – I’ve made a goal of checking in with God first by reading his word and praying BEFORE I check in with the rest of the world via email, Facebook or phone.
  2. Make my relationship with Matt a priority.
  3. Be the mom I know God desires me to be (lots of subcategories under this one)
  4. Get healthy
    1. Lose the 30 pounds once and for all.
    2. Develop a better relationship with food.
    3. Run the Borgess 1/2 marathon in May

I’ve set some small everyday goals for myself to attain these larger goals.  So now it’s out there.  All the things I need to work on.  Feel free to pray for any or all of these things for me and please ask me how I’m doing.  I’m going to try to hold myself accountable by writing about them in my blog.  So, here’s to 2011 and my Extreme Home Makeover. 

before picture

My official before picture.

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