Monday, November 15, 2010

M is for Monkeys, Me and Batman!

Of course I know Batman doesn’t start with an M but I found this awesome Lapbook kit at (the link is at the right) and knew I had to let Ben do it.  He has been huge into Batman for the last few months.  Academically it was a little easy for him but it sure motivated him to get through his less favorite subjects to get to do the Batman activities.  We concentrated more on the Me than the Monkeys.  The Monkeys were a part of the letter of the week curriculum that I’m using to work on his fine motor skills.

DSC02533 DSC02540 DSC02538DSC02545 Things we worked on this week:

  • Adding 4’s
  • Learning what organs, bones, and muscles are
  • Learning about staying healthy and food groups
  • Baby Moses
  • Five senses
  • Bible verse “I will praise thee, For I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made.
  • All about me Lapbook



Cute Quote:  When Ben was showing me where his organs were on his body I asked him “What does your heart say?” He answered “The Pledge of Allegiance.” and he put his hand over his heart. 

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