Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Camp 2011


This year we decided to do something different for our family vacation and go to Life Action Camp for Family Camp.  A friend insisted we try it and I’m so glad she talked us into it.  The week started out pretty rough.  Ben had a really hard time adjusting to a new place with new rules.  He wanted to be everywhere he wasn’t supposed to be and nowhere he was allowed to.  It was SO hot and we didn’t have air in our borrowed pop-up camper. The boys didn’t want to go their groups so Matt and I could sit in ours.  By Tuesday I was ready to pack up and go home.  Then Tuesday night the worship leader, Jimmy, sat down next to me after dinner.  I really did NOT want to talk to him, I could barely force myself to smile.  He asked how we were doing, he knew our story and begged me to let the staff help us, encourage us and pray for us.  I went to bed that night begging God to change my attitude and to let us enjoy our time at camp. By Wednesday evening we had finally found our groove, and I my new attitude.  We were all having fun, it was still work for Matt and I, but is it ever really a vacation with five children? By Thursday I could smile at others without it being forced.  By Friday I was sad that we only had one more day. I’m so thankful that God used Jimmy to grab a hold of my heart and change it so I didn’t miss out on what he had for planned for me this week.  Here are the highlights from our week,

  • I didn’t have to cook one meal or wash one dish for 5 whole days!
  • Our family helper, Andrew, was amazing with the kids.  He was patient, reminded them to obey and had such a servant’s heart for our family. “Just tell me what to do” over and over again.
  • Carpetball!
  • The Blob! See photo below.  This was wonderful practice for Ben to wait his turn and work on patience. Andrew worked and worked with him.
  • Date night for Matt and I.  Dinner and then a canoe ride around the lake, talking with NO interruptions. Priceless!
  • Rachel memorized 8 verses to help her team earn more points.
  • Hannah met some wonderful friends and loved her Ignite group.
  • Joe and Rachel’s theme at Base Camp: Obedience is doing what I’m told, when I’m told to with the right heart attitude.  (worth every penny right there!)
  • Matt attended the Men’s prayer breakfast
  • Feeling God working in our marriage and family
  • When we asked the kids if they felt like God had spoken to them during the week Rachel said “Yes! He said we’re supposed to come back next year!”
  • They are all wanting, begging, PLEADING to go back! 


Carpetball was a big hit for all the kids.  Jacob loved it!  One night they held a tournament.  Rachel was the last girl to get beat and lost with only 4 boys ahead of her. 


We all had fun on the Blob.  By the end of the week Joe had figured out how big the person behind him had to be for him to get the maximum about of height.  He was awesome.  Ben loved it but preferred to slide off independently.  DSC03812DSC03822Yes, even Jacob jumped off the platform onto the blob.  He got so mad once when he accidently slid off and couldn’t get “blobbed” by Joe. 



The kids fell in love with Andrew.  All of the staff at Life Action are there voluntarily.  They do not get paid.  They are each individual missionaries who raise their own support to serve God by serving families.  It is such an amazing ministry.  God was glorified in every part of the camp from the kitchen staff, family helpers and worship team.  We were just in awe that these people would give up so much to serve others.

This is just a small glimpse into our week at Family Camp.  There were many memories made but most importantly we came home feeling refreshed and strengthened as a family.  Our hearts refocused back on the One whom we live for. 

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