Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Long Time No Post :(

So I had to go to my blog to see how long it’s actually been since I posted something. March.  Really? Could 2.5 months really go by that fast?  Obviously, YES!  So here is a very quick recap.


  • Girls Basketball Ends. Two weeks later Soccer starts.
  • Rachel falls on the playground and gets a concussion.Her soccer season was over before it started. 
  • Matt and I went to Detroit for a Redwings Game and overnight without kids! 


  • Spring Break!  Trip to Tennessee to visit Julie and girls.  Went to Nashville Zoo and enjoyed 80 degree weather in April!
  • Boys spent 3 days with Grandma and Grandpa Nicola.  Swam in Papa’s “pool” (hot tub) and went on many nature walks.
  • Easter


  • Hannah took the YMCA babysitter course so she is officially ready to start babysitting!
  • Band concert, Solo and Ensemble and Music Concert for school.  Rachel performed a solo and did a great job, Hannah was in an ensemble.  They both received 1’s for their performances.
  • Matt’s brother, Francis, got married.  Matt was a groomsman.  It was a wonderful weekend with lots of playtime with cousins and of course a TON of food.

The biggest change in May was that Ben went back to school.  We had been  trying to make a decision about what to do for school this fall.  While homeschooling had many advantages there were some areas where we were both struggling.  We decided to enroll him this spring so that he would have placement for the fall.  He is going 1/2 days (reduced schedule) and is doing really well.  He has some stubborn difficult moments but they are able to get him back on task.  The best part is watching him interact with the kids on the playground.  The girls adore him, and follow him everywhere.  Can’t really blame them. Smile For a few minutes out there on the playground he looks like a typical kid playing with everyone else. *sniff sniff* What’s great about this age is that the kids won’t leave him alone.  Especially the girls.  So it forces him out of his own world and into the “real” world. 

So that in a nutshell catches me up to June.  The kids are in their last week of school, the pool is up and I’m busy trying to get things planned for summer. I’m hoping to be a little more consistent with my blog posts over the summer. 

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