Monday, February 21, 2011

A is for Astronaut, V is for Valentine

Yay,  we had two weeks of uninterrupted school time!  This post will cover two weeks since I’m trying to get caught up from all the sick days and snow days.  We started a Solar System unit study.  I found some cute activities on another blog and we made them into a Space Lapbook. 

DSC03009With the nicer weather, Ben was able to go out and draw with the sidewalk chalk.  I “caught” him drawing the solar system.  He named the planets for me and numbered them in order!DSC03010

Here is Saturn, he was so proud of himself, and so was I. I thanked God immediately for the reassurance that it’s all sinking in!


A Verse – A calm answer turns away wrath.  We really worked on the application of this verse.  We talked about kind words vs. harsh words.  Yes, mom always needs a reminder lesson in this area too. 


We needed a new computer so the old one went in the school room.  This has been wonderful to use with them.  Both for educational games and for rewards for getting our school work done.  We’ve been able to pick out new games from the library each week.

Ben’s Space Lapbook



Our Valentines themed week was really fun.  I found a ton of stuff off the internet to use.  Jacob really enjoyed this week and was really cooperative. 

This week…

  • Jacob worked on the letter V, number 8 and color Red.
  • Our verse was “We should love one another” 
  • We finished our books about the solar system. 
  • The boys were very excited because I let them        watch Baby Galileo, which is a Baby Einstein video about the planets. 
  • I made a Valentine Sensory Bin
  • Painted coffee filter hearts.  Ben painted his black which was appropriate given his mood that day. :{
  • We made GF/CF cupcakes for our Valentine dinner. 

We had a really good week and I felt a renewed spirit for school.  After the Cold of 2011 I was feeling defeated and overwhelmed.  I am very thankful for the past two weeks and am feeling motivated to keep on plowing through. 

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